Multi-Class 2016 - September 10th, 2016

Reunion Results

With an extremely grateful heart, and much joy, today Cheryl Cameron Paquet and I, on behalf of the St. Patrick’s Multi-Class Reunion Members of 2016, were able to donate a check to St. Mary’s Home for Children, No. Providence, RI, in the amount of $1,228.47. For those who do not know, St. Mary’s has grown from just an orphanage to a Home that serves as a treatment facility for children traumatized through negative life experiences. It is a non-profit who treats any child in need, helps to take care of those without families, and aides in fostering children. It has a seven-acre campus, residential diagnostic program, educational school, separate residential programs for boys and girls who have been sexually abused, and provides a short-term shelter for older children. St. Mary’s also features an acute residential treatment center, outpatient treatment center, and Shepard Program for individuals and families of abuse. The school has many volunteer opportunities available, and is also in need of gift donations (message me if you would like a list of what they need). This is a wonderful charity, and it is a blessing that we were able to help them in this way. Thanks to all of you, many children will be happy and receive much needed care. You all rock!

Videos from members unable to attend.

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