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April 1, 2023

 Wow, we are already into our fourth month of the year, where did the time go? Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, a religious holiday for us Catholics and many Christians  ...
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Happy 2023 to All!

Life itself has not returned to the life we all knew pre-Covid, but is much better than it was that first year, and I suspect this will be our new normal going forward. We still need to be careful when out in public, and even around anyone we know who is ill. But now, at least, we can visit our family and friends again ...

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March 2022

Life has been crazy for all of us the last two years. Many of us have lost people we loved, some from this horrible pandemic and others from something else, and in some cases, without the ability to say goodbye. Things are starting to look up in this regard, but now we have bigger problems to worry about with the potential of another ...

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Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2021 brings us all a much happier, brighter, healthier and more sociable year.

We have all been through a very rough 9 months with Covid-19 affecting all of us in one way or another. Many of us ...

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Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, to remember all the things we have in life to be grateful for, both big and small. It is not a time to worry about what we do not have, but rather to appreciate what we have been blessed ...

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