Good morning and Happy Holidays to everyone

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As this holiday season begins, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, it seems to be the perfect time for all of us to reflect on the blessing in our lives, the miracle of life itself, what we are most thankful for in our lives, and how fortunate we are to be living in this great country of ours. When you have a moment, please take the time to appreciate all we are blessed with. It is especially important to thank the members of your family who love and take care of you, from your parents, grandparents, spouses, significant others, and children, to those close friends who are always there when you need support, a helping hand, or just someone to vent to. Saying thank you for those little things that we take for granted daily with an I appreciate you, and I love you, can make a huge impact when they know what they do for you is not in vain, and that it is noticed.

If possible, thank a serviceman/woman who are away from their families at this time protecting our country with a card. This can be done by sending a simple card that says Happy Holidays, a note, or other token/action. The following link gives suggestions on where to send cards and letters to deployed military personnel, wounded warriors, and veterans, as well as other volunteer efforts we can make to thank them. It could make a huge difference in their lives.

It would also be wonderful if we found ourselves saying a simple thank to our service workers like our mailman, trash workers, clerks at the stores, everyone who takes care of those little things we take for granted daily. At this time of year, they may find themselves bombarded by people who forget they are also humans, who expect them to wait on them, yell at them, insult them, etc. We take so much for granted in our lives, and this is the perfect time to just say thank you or offer a smile. Pass any kind gesture you receive forward by performing a kind gesture to a stranger. In life, we never know if that simple little kind remark, smile, or helping hand given to someone that we don’t know may make a difference in their day, or in their lives. Many people do not have anyone to share these holidays with, so your kindness can go a long way. Most of all, thank God for all he has given you, and continues to give all of us on a daily basis. Enjoy this beautiful and crazy time of year, be happy and may God Bless all of you.


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