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Our St. Pat’s site on Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds, and everyone seems to be enjoying it. We now celebrate news with each other, including special events, birthdays, losses, and things we feel may be of interest to the rest of our “family” from St. Pat’s. Over the last three years, that page and this site have evolved from the original concept of simply sharing pictures from the Class of 1974’s, 40th reunion, to a page that encompasses all who were part of the St. Patrick’s High School family. It is a blessing that I have been allowed to do this for everyone, and I thank you all for the participation.

As a result, many of us were able to connect after many years; we held a huge, highly successful multi-class reunion at our former alma mater two years ago with over 150 former teachers and students attending; and last year we held a smaller, but very enjoyable, multi-class reunion at a venue in Cranston. There are several classes that are planning on celebrating special reunions of their own, including the 50th for the class of 1972’s in 2022, so please check both sites for more information. Another multi-class reunion is also in the works for possibly next year or the year after (we do not want to wait too long, as we have lost so many already who were much too young), and would love thoughts on interest, where and when from everyone, and volunteers to help.

Each month, this blog will share information that is important to our St. Pat’s family. Part of this will encompass interviewing a member of the staff or former alumni to feature on an upcoming blog. If you have any nominations or interest, please contact me so I can set up a schedule. In the meantime, thank you for caring, sharing and being a part of our family. Peace, love, and God’s blessings to all.


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